Do Beeswax Candles Help With Allergies?

Beeswax Candles Help With Allergies and Asthma

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Beeswax candles have many benefits that can help people who suffer from allergies and asthma. They reduce the symptoms of asthma and help improve sleep. The benefits of beeswax candles are well documented. Continue reading to learn more about how these products can help you.

List of ways that beeswax candles help with allergies

Negative ions

Negative ions are molecules with extra negatively charged electrons. They are formed in air by sunlight, radiation and the movement of water. Negative ions are most prevalent near moving bodies of water and waterfalls. When you light a beeswax candle, the candle releases negative ions into the air. These ions can be beneficial for those suffering from allergies. They can also help you feel more energetic and relieve stress.

In addition to reducing allergies, beeswax candles can help purify the air in your home. The negative ions produced by burning beeswax help to clean the air and reduce the number of airborne allergens. Additionally, beeswax candles have been shown to alleviate depression and insomnia.

Unlike traditional candles, beeswax candles are free from additives and fillers. These candles are also made of pure beeswax, which produces negative ions. The negative ions produced by beeswax candles help to fight allergies because they attract and neutralize the positively charged ions in the air. This is similar to the effect created by a rain shower.

Besides being free of pollutants, beeswax candles also help reduce dust and allergens in the air. Although the negative ions from beeswax can help with allergies, you should note that they do not completely eliminate the pollutants. In fact, they regain their positive charge when you walk over them again. If you’d like to try beeswax candles, you can enter a raffle at the Mohawk Valley Trading Company, where you can win 100% pure beeswax candles.

Wooden wicks

Beeswax candles are naturally anti-allergic and clean burning, and they emit negative ions that help to purify the air. They are also environmentally friendly, and the candles burn more slowly than other types of waxes. They also help to improve the quality of air in the home, and they may help with allergies and asthma.

In addition, many beeswax candles are fragrance-free and contain no synthetic fragrances. The natural scents released by these candles also reduce the chances of allergic reactions and reduce sensory overload. The wooden wicks in beeswaX candles are also safer to use than wicks made from synthetic or animal products.

When using beeswax candles, it is best to use wood wicks because they are more breathable and can help with allergies. These wicks are designed to burn inside the diameter of the candle. Besides being more durable, they are also easier to handle. They are cut about a quarter to 3/8 inch long to prevent them from burning down too quickly.

Besides being hypoallergenic, beeswax candles are also helpful for people suffering from asthma, allergies, and depression. They have a floral scent, and the scent helps neutralize lingering odors in the air.


Beeswax candles produce negative ions when they burn. The negative ions attract other negatively charged ions in the air and neutralise them. This process is very similar to the way your lungs clear airborne particles. However, beeswax candles should contain no chemical additives or fillers.

Burning beeswax candles releases negative ions which have various health benefits. These ions can raise your mood, stabilize your blood pressure, increase your body’s alkalinity, strengthen your bones and boost your immune system. These negative ions help cleanse the air and are beneficial for people with allergies and asthma. They also help to improve concentration. Beeswax candles also reduce stress.

Moreover, beeswax candles can purify the air in your home. Various scientific studies have shown that burning beeswax candles reduces pollution. They would be the first to reference papers on the topic. Even though these papers were published in the 1950s, beeswax candle manufacturers would be the first to refer to such papers.

Beeswax candles also help with asthma and other respiratory diseases. These candles produce negative ions, which clean the air of airborne allergens. Additionally, the aroma of beeswax candles contains natural floral and honey smells that fill your home with a light fragrance.


The scent of beeswax candles is soothing, calming, and can help people deal with allergies. The wax used in beeswax candles is pure, so the scent is natural and unpolluted. Many candles have lead-free cotton wicks. Some candles are scented with fragrances, while others are completely unscented. Beeswax candles burn for over 30 hours, giving them an excellent value for the money.

Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or hay fever, beeswax candles can help you relieve your symptoms. Beeswax candles have long-lasting flames and are free of harmful chemicals. They are safer to burn than paraffin candles, which release carcinogenic emissions into the air.

Beeswax candles produce negative ions, which are good for the respiratory system. They also help boost serotonin levels in people suffering from depression and anxiety. The negative ions in beeswax candles help people relax and calm down. A recent study showed that burning beeswax candles reduced symptoms in people with allergies. Furthermore, it improved breathing in children with asthma.

Beeswax candles are good for allergy sufferers who experience itchy eyes and sneezing due to allergies. They also provide relief for people who are sensitive to environmental allergens. People with allergies should avoid burning candles made of paraffin wax, as these emit more smoke and are more irritant to the airways.


Many people who suffer from allergies can benefit from using beeswax candles to combat the effects of pollen, dust, and other allergens. These candles emit negative ions into the air, which neutralize the positively charged allergens. Soy candles are not good for those with allergies since they contain fragrances, impure wax, and even paraffin. Beeswax candles, on the other hand, have higher melting points and are more suitable for different weather conditions.

There are several options for making beeswax candles. Some are scented with essential oils, while others have no scent at all. You can find beeswax candle molds in any shape you can imagine. You can even make your own beeswax candles in your own home. A fun project for the whole family to do together is creating a beeswax candle. The materials are easy to find. You can even get creative and add a few dried flowers.

Beeswax candles have high value. They are more expensive than other types of candles but they can help you sleep better and improve your health. They are also a good way to help the dwindling bee population. However, beeswax candles are not cheap, so you may need to do a bit of research. If you cannot afford the most expensive ones, consider a blend.

Beeswax candles can improve indoor air quality and reduce symptoms of asthma, allergies, and other allergies. They also improve your health by releasing negative ions, which neutralise airborne pollutants. When they burn, the candles also emit more ambient light than other types of candles.


When buying beeswax candles, it is important to choose a reputable manufacturer with a track record of producing high-quality products. It is also important to buy from a company that is transparent about their ingredients. Look for companies that list beeswax on their ingredient list. It is also important to look for candles that are phthalate-free.

Beeswax candles are not only environmentally friendly, but they can also reduce allergies and asthma symptoms. Beeswax releases negative ions, which removes common allergens from the air. These negative ions bind with positively charged particulates and fall to the ground. Beeswax candles are also the oldest candles in existence. You can find beeswax candles made in your own hometown at local retailers, such as The Bee Charmer.

Beeswax candles are also hypoallergenic, and many allergy sufferers have reported positive results. In addition to being hypoallergenic, beeswax candles produce negative ions, which help clean the air and remove toxins. Additionally, beeswax candles do not burn out, or go rancid. Instead, harmless white films form over the wax over time.

Beeswax candles should be burned in draft-free areas. Ensure that the wick is about 1/4″ in diameter and that it is not exposed to strong winds. Beeswax candles should not be burned when the wax at the bottom is half an inch thick. If you have a stinging sore, be sure to cut the wick before you light the candle.

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