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bee hive robber screen

Robbery screens are a relatively cheap and convenient way to prevent a robbery. They work to confuse robbers by hiding the entrance in the hive. As a result, a thief’s nose and eyes can be deceived by the robbery screen. Hence, it’s important to make the entrance as small as possible.

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To make a bee hive robber screen, you’ll need to make sure that the entrance to your hive is open. The entrance is where the bees will enter and exit the comb. The robber screen should be about 1/2 inch short of the lid or bottom batten. The dimensions of the robber screen are dependent on the equipment you’re using.

DIY Robber Screen

A bee hive robber screen is a simple and effective way to protect your hives from theft and prevent other bees from robbing your hive. Here are step-by-step instructions to make a bee hive robber screen:


  • 1/8 inch hardware cloth
  • Staples
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pencil or marker


  1. Measure the dimensions of your hive entrance. You will need to make a frame that fits securely over the entrance of your hive.
  2. Cut a piece of 1/8 inch hardware cloth to the size of your hive entrance frame. Use scissors to carefully cut the hardware cloth to the correct size.
  3. Cut four pieces of hardware cloth that are approximately 2 inches wide and the same length as the sides of your hive entrance frame.
  4. Cut two pieces of hardware cloth that are approximately 2 inches wide and the same length as the top and bottom of your hive entrance frame.
  5. Lay one of the long pieces of hardware cloth flat on your work surface. Place the shorter piece of hardware cloth on top of the longer piece, so that they form an L shape. The short piece should be flush with one of the long edges of the longer piece.
  6. Use a staple gun to attach the short piece of hardware cloth to the long piece, along the entire length of the short piece. Repeat this process to attach the other three short pieces to the long pieces, creating a frame.
  7. Place the hardware cloth frame over the hive entrance, so that it fits securely. Use a pencil or marker to mark the corners of the frame where they touch the hive body.
  8. Use a staple gun to attach the hardware cloth frame to the hive body, using the marks you made as a guide.
  9. Check the fit of the frame and make any necessary adjustments. The robber screen should fit tightly and securely over the hive entrance.
  10. Your bee hive robber screen is now ready to use.

Note: It is important to monitor your hive regularly, even with a robber screen in place, to ensure that the hive is healthy and thriving. A robber screen is just one tool in your beekeeping arsenal and should not be relied upon as the sole method of hive protection.

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A bee hive robber screen is a simple DIY project that can be made from hardware cloth and a window screen. The only real downside is that the entrance is usually solid and the bees must pass through it. The alternative entrance, if used, should be able to let the bees go in and out. The main purpose of a robbing screen is to protect your colony from robbers.

A robbing screen works by creating an alternate entrance for robbers. A robber cannot watch the resident bees, because they’re unable to see them. By adding a robbing screen to the entrance, you can prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access to the colony. In case of an emergency, you can roll up a strip of mesh and use it as a robber screen. You’ll have plenty of screens for a minimal cost.

A robbing screen also helps to keep out intruders. Since robbers use scent to find an entrance, a robber screen will make it difficult for them to locate the entrance. This will discourage them from entering your hive. Once they’ve figured out that it’s a robber screen, they’ll probably be unable to enter. A robber screen is not a permanent solution, and it will only work for a short time.

A bee hive robber screen helps prevent robbers from entering the hive. It will also discourage intruders from stealing from the colony. In the event of a robbery, bees will leave a trail of pheromones that will lead them to the colony. The robbers will not be able to get through it, so they will not be able to find honey.

Using a bee hive robber screen is an effective way to keep robbers out of your hive. The screens should be placed inside the swarm box, allowing enough room for the resident bees. If you want to prevent robbery, the swarm will fly away if they can’t find the honey. If this is the case, you’ll need to protect your hive from invasion by using a swarm of invading bees.

A bee hive robber screen prevents robbers from entering the hive. They enter the swarm with the intention of stealing honey. They can be a huge problem for a colony, so you should take steps to avoid them. When installing a swarm keeper a swarm defender hive ribber screen, you should be able to see only the entrance. This way, a swarm of bees cannot reach it.

Another reason to install a swarm robber screen is to reduce the entrance of your hive. These screens are easy to install and are inexpensive. They can be installed over a small entrance of a beehive and prevent robber bees from entering. In a busy swarm, the swarm of bees needs the room to move freely. The smallest hive entrance will clog the swarm and prevent them from completing their mission.

The Bee Smart ultimate robbing screen is made from plastic and allows air to enter and exit the beehive. This robber screen is also water resistant and has two openings on top. The combination of these two features makes it an excellent choice for beekeepers of all sizes. The robber screen is an essential part of any beekeeping operation and is essential for the safety of the bees.

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